We Like

We like writing. We like art. We love microfiction, poetry, mixed media visuals, audio recordings, flash fiction, poetry – all kinds! Even EVEN concrete poetry! – painting, drawing, illustration, photography, footnotes, and typographically-based design.
Imperfect is good, loose lines are good, tight writing is good, your willingness to allow us to reformat your work with an eye to typographic design is excellent.

You can also find out more about what we love on our Pinterest page.

We Need

Text –

Maximum length is 400 words (due to space constrictions).

Accepted file formats are .doc, .docx, and .rtf.

Imagery –

All imagery must be scanned to 300 dpi, to anticipate printing.Submission titles for the work needs to be in their file names. Do you really want a story or a work of art displayed online entitled Microsoft-Word-Doc-Story-Submission.docx? We also need your name.

Accepted file formats are .jpeg, and PDF (for vector work).

Email to

Response Times & Expectations

We are generally good with responding, and can be expected to let you know the outcome of your submission within a day or two. If, for any reason, your email hasn’t yet been responded to, we have been away from our desks and phones but you’ll be replied to asap.

Sadly, as we’re staying afloat through our own pockets and the donations of kind friends and fans, we cannot afford to pay our contributors at this time.

Email to


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