Kickstarter: 38% Funded!

ESC 2 cover for featured header

With 26 days to go on our Kickstarter and we're €349 raised of a €900 goal. Who knows what today will bring! We're fundraising for ESC #5, a purely literary issue, and Postal ESC, a collaborative mail art issue! ESC #5 is an issue only for literary works and features short stories and poetry by… Continue reading Kickstarter: 38% Funded!


Art & Bookbinding

I've finally finished my longest running journal which I've had since 2010. It's been given extra pockets from pairs of unwanted jeans, both on the front and back. It was sometimes a struggle with this journal, I've probably got a few collage pieces to finish on the inside! That will have to move to my… Continue reading Art & Bookbinding

An amazing glimpse of 1830s Dublin through a little book

Check out this amazing book which dates from the 1830s in Dublin. It was made as a practical guide for teaching needlework to young girls at a school in Dublin. You don't get books like this too often, that's for sure. If only books had been as adorable for school when I was learning....! Check… Continue reading An amazing glimpse of 1830s Dublin through a little book

The Public Zine Library Photo Edition

This is a special Public Zine Library Photo Edition consisting of the photos that visitors took as they experienced the Whitstable Biennale and the town. Similar in ethos to The Public Zine, visitors to the headquarters were invited to ‘zine’ with them 🙂 The Public Zine Library asked visitors of all ages to use these… Continue reading The Public Zine Library Photo Edition

Ten Reasons Why I Love Zines

Ten Reasons Why I Love Zines, (for Day 2 of International Zine Month) 10. Information Literacy. Sometimes I feel like a one-trick pony about this, but seriously, the weirdness of zines as publications is a great way to help expose our tacit knowledge about what makes a package of information reliable. Just read my zine about it, sorry/not… Continue reading Ten Reasons Why I Love Zines

Forgetfulness – Billy Collins Animated Poetry

This is the best thing to happen today and it's still early, so poetry on this sunny yet chilly Monday better step it up. Our poetry-loving editor came relatively late to the work of Billy Collins, despite the fact that so many people had ordered her to read him. So yes. Here's a video of… Continue reading Forgetfulness – Billy Collins Animated Poetry